Six Tips For Efficiently Using Storage Units

There comes a time in life when we all just need a little extra space. It could be that you’ve just moved to a new residence, and there isn’t as much room as you first thought. Or you have to share an abode with a roommate, and you have to free up some real estate for them. Or, just maybe, you have a few more valuable items than you have the capacity in your home to hold them.

Before you agonize over what to keep and what to throw away, consider an alternative avenue. Storage units are a popular option for people who need a holding area for their personal belongings outside of their home. When you start looking into this option, use these six helpful tips on getting the most out of your rented repository.

1. Label liberally. You may know where everything is when you first pack your stuff into your designated cache. That doesn’t mean you will remember where everything is when you come back in a few months looking for that expensive china. If you want to avoid this, label all of your items. A permanent marker will be your best friend for this task.

2. Keep it under wraps. You will want to keep everything either wrapped or closed tightly while it is put away. Just because your items are in secured holding, this alone will not protect them from dust or little critters that may decide to move into your stuff. Seal all of your containers and boxes, or use industrial plastic wrap to keep them safe.

3. Watch the weight. As redundant as it may sound, keep your lighter objects out from under the heavier ones. Don’t rely solely on the strength of your containers to protect your things, especially if you are keeping them in cardboard boxes. Stack your belongings starting with the heaviest and sturdiest, following with the lightest and more fragile on top of them.

4. Mind the floor. It is very possible that rainwater could seep under the door of your repository, or that something could spill in a neighboring area and leak under the wall into your space. Solutions to this include placing your valuables on pallets or using a protective covering on the floor.

5. Unpack with care. When you load everything into your holding area, be sure to take your time. If you have a lot of gear to store, it can be extremely tough to get back in and rearrange things once you’ve got half the truck unloaded. Plan your approach, and use all available room as best as you can.

6. Protect your repository. Storage units also need to be taken care of, not just the items held in them. Make absolutely sure that you have a strong and reliable lock to secure your stash. The premises you use may be very safe, but there is always a chance that an unscrupulous thief may come calling.

Using storage units effectively will help save you time and effort while protecting your personal effects.