How To Make The Most Of Storage Units

Putting items in storage units is a great way to get them out of the way and secure them for later. There are many reasons people choose to put their items in storage. For instance, some decorations are seasonal and you may have run out of space to put these items in your garage and now require additional space. Alternatively, perhaps you have an old collection of important keepsakes you don’t want anyone to touch. Whatever the reason, there are certain ways to make the best use of your additional space. To make the most of these spaces, it is essential that your items remain safe and organized.

Plan It

Plan what sort of items you need to get out of your house, decide how much space you will need, and how many additional items you may acquire over time that you may also want to store. Take time to decide how you will place the items into your unit. Put seasonal items that you want easy access to near the front, and older items you just can’t throw away but don’t need to access towards the back.

Label Everything

Sure, remembering what you have in storage units is easy now, but in 6 months will you? Chances are, you will forget which box contains the Christmas decorations and which one contains the old collection of yearbooks. By labeling everything, you will be able to find what you need as soon as you go looking for it in your unit. You may even choose to make a list of everything you placed in the storage unit to help you stay on top of things.

Wrap It Up

Use industrial plastic wrap to seal your items up nice and tight. You may not be able to wrap everything, but by wrapping as much as you can, your items will not collect dust, or bugs. This way your items will remain in pristine condition.

Plan For Temperature Change

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you will want to keep temperature change in mind. If you plan to store old photos, vinyl records, or electronics, it is best to make sure they are well insulated. Records, especially, are prone to warping.

Protect The Unit

You want to make sure the items you put in your unit are safe, but you also want to make sure the unit itself is protected. Make sure you use a lock that is small enough to keep bolt cutters from being able to slide into the space. The best type of lock is an all-weather padlock with a short arm.

Pack The Space

Storage units can hold quite a bit, but you have to use the space wisely. If you utilize all the space, it is possible to pack all the way to the ceiling. You can utilize plywood to lie across boxes in order to stabilize the layers and help you get things as high as possible. This helps take some of the pressure off the boxes’ tops and keeps your items safe.

Whatever the reason for storage units, you can make the most of the space. Organization and safety tips can go a long way.