Diversion Safes – Why Do I Need a Diversion Safe in My Home?

I guess the first question is what is a Diversion Safe? Just think about how often you leave your valuables lying around the house. Be honest – are you one to leave your watch or rings on the coffee table? How about your expensive jewelry – do you put it away in a safe place when you come home from a party or do you leave it on your bureau in plain sight until tomorrow?

These are just a few things that we do with our valuables to offer them to burglars.

But what if you could leave these treasures out in plain sight where a burglar couldn’t see it? You might ask how that is possible.

A Diversion Safe is an item that looks and feels exactly like the product it represents. These are everyday products that are seen around your house, garage, even your office. The only difference is that these have been hollowed out so that they can contain items such as jewelry, credit cards, wallets, keys – almost anything that can fit.

One synonym for the word ‘diversion’ is ‘to fake out’ which is exactly what these devices do. Let’s take an everyday product that you would see around the house, e.g. a can of Ajax Cleanser which could be in the kitchen or bathroom. If you placed your watch or credit card inside the can and then put it in a closet or even left it on your sink, would a burglar take the time to pick it up and examine the can? Not likely because a burglar wants to get in and out of your house as quickly as possible so he just looks for obvious loot that can easily be put in a pocket or bag.

Too many people buy a real safe and put it in their closet. Some even mount safes on a wall. Others use the old ‘under the mattress’ or in a sock hidden in the hamper. This is a waste of time because burglars know most of the places that a person would hide their valuable possessions so that is the first place they go.

By the way, for your information Diversion Safes are also called Can Safes, Stash Safes, even Fake Safes so don’t be fooled by the titles. Just remember that these remarkable products will help keep your valuables safe and secure by hiding them plain sight. They are inexpensive and come in a large selection of different product types.

Make sure you have a variety of Diversion Safes in your house so you won’t be the next victim of a home burglary.