Choosing a Padlock

This sounds easy. Go to your favorite big box store, find their padlock section, pick out your padlock and pay for it. So how exactly did you choose your padlock, was it the packaging, did you get a BOGO or maybe the packaging said “Strong Indestructible Padlock”. Whatever your decision making process, it was probably based on padlock display and convenience. This is the wrong way to select any type of lock.

If you read any of my articles I have said many times with either choosing a lock or the cost of a lock, “What are you going to protect and how much are they or it worth to you”. Choosing a padlock would be now different. For example, if you are buying a padlock to put on a shed where you keep your lawnmower, then going to a big box store would be the perfect place to buy it.

If, however, you are buying a padlock to put on a storage shed where you might have stored valuables either in dollar value or sentimental value, then a more secure padlock might be the right choice.

Don’t get the wrong impression, there is nothing wrong with padlocks from big box stores. However, you should be aware of what you are buying. Most big box stores order padlocks direct from the manufacturers with certain key codes. For example, at big box stores you might find padlocks packaged in groups of 4,6 or eight padlocks all keyed alike (same key opens all of the locks). Or you might find a letter or number code on the packaging. Just find the packages with that same code and they will be keyed alike. All of this sounds convenient, except someone else can buy a lock with the same code, then their key can open your locks.

So, if you decide that the padlock you need should be a higher security, you need to locate an Authorized Service Center, such as Locking Systems International. There you will be able to purchase padlocks that are custom to you. The lock codes will be registered to you; you will be able to buy the exact number of padlocks that you require. You will also be able to purchase a high security or electronic padlock.

So after you ask yourself the “What are you going to protect” question, I hope that this article helps you go about choosing your padlock.